The ZERO HALOGEN FLAME RETARDANT (ZHFR) are preferred for areas that require superior safety such as hotels, theatres, hospitals, railway stations, high rise buildings and chemical industries. The house wires are fire-resistant, burns with no flame and emits non-toxic smoke in case of fire. These wires are offered in market after going through stringent quality control checks on various international parameters. These wires come with easy windings and installation that saves time significantly. Our house wires are preferred widely as these avoid cracking and aging in kitchens, bathrooms, damp walls, chemical industries etc.

Bunched conductors are insulated with specially formulated grade of Zero Halogen Flame Retardant compound. The insulation does not burn readily. It does not melt and drip to spread fire. The emission of smoke is negligible,transparent and non-toxic. The victims trapped in the fire do not suffer suffocation. Can be evacuated without much difficulty and the fire fighting is more convenient and effective.


  • The insulation does not burn readily.
  • It does not melt and drip, smoke is negligible, transparent, non-toxic.
  • In a fire situation, the people trapped in fire do not suffocate.
  • This facilitates fire fighting and rescue operations.

Available Range:- 0.5 sq. mm. To 6 sq. mm.