PCM Cables or Pulse Code Modulation Cables are used in telecommunication industry for conversion of analog signal to a digital signal or vice-versa. The cables are designed with annealed tinned copper with PE insulation and PVC sheathing for extra protection from fluctuations.


These cables accurately combine the PCM signals of many lines, further transmitting them over a single cable or any other medium.

Available Types:-

  • Armoured Pulse Code Modulation Cables
  • Unarmoured Pulse Code Modulation Cables

Description:- Unique make PCM Cables, Annealed Tinned copper conductor, PE insulated and PVC sheathed. Individual & Overall shielded with Aluminium backed mylar taped with Annealed tinned copper conductor drain wire in continuous contact with aluminium side of tape, Armoured/Unarmoured Cable conforming to BS:5308/11/1986 & IS: 1554/Part-I/1988.

Available Range:- 2 pair to 63 pair (0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm)