Silicon Fiber Glass Braided Cables is the best alternative to PVC, plastic and rubber insulated wire, widely used in high temperature applications. These cables have their prime applications in steel mills, foundries, glass factories, etc. Ensure overall abrasion resistance coverage, these cables are impregnated with high class insulating thermosetting varnish that can sustain wide range of temperature from 70 to 200 degree Celsius.


With ability to retain excellent di- electric properties when burnt, these braided cables are flame retardant and self-extinguishing. In addition to this, these cables are also resistant to fungus, UV radiations, corona discharge, acids and manganese. These cables are made with tinned copper stranded wires that are wounded twice and overlapped with polyester films braided with fiberglass.


1.1 KV Grade, Multistrand Annealed Tinned Copper (ATC) Conductor As per IS: 8130/1984 class-V, Melinex Taped, Silicon Rubber Insulated type (IE-5) As per IS: 6380/1984 & overall Fiber glass Braided with silicon varnished Rubber Flexible Cable for200°CAsperIS:9968/Pt-l/1988
Tinned Copper stranded wires twice wounded opposite and well overlapped with polyester films braided with fibreglass yarn and impregnated with high class insulating thermosetting varnish flexible up to temperature from 70″C to 200°C. Resists moisture chemicals, flames fungus radiation, corona discharged and acids ozone attack and even manages to retain excellent de electric properties when burnt

Application:- Typical industrial applications include food processing packaging, refrigeration furnaces and lighting
Fibre glass cables is used extensively as motors, transformers, lead wire and at places where conventional PVC wire is not suitable.

Available Range:-

  • 1.5 to 300 (Single & Multi Core)
  • 0.5 to 630 (Single & Multicore)