Armoured cable is the name given to any electrical cable constructed with a layer of aluminium wire armour or steel wire/strip armour. The armour sits below the sheath of the cable to provide protection for the conductor and insulating layers.

1100 Volt. Grade Aluminium/Copper conductor XLPE/PVC insulated, cores laid up together, PVC inner sheathed type ST-1, G.I. wire/strip armoured outer PVC sheathed 600/1100 volts grade cable generally conforming to IS:7098/Part- I/1988&1554/pt-I/1988.

Up to 400 sq. mm x 3.5 core & 1000 sq. mm x single core in aluminium cables 1.5, 2.5, 4 & 6 sq. mm, up to 61 core in copper cables