Thermocouple/Compensating Cables Thermocouple/Compensating Cables are the extension leads mostly used in glass industry, low temperature & cryogenic applications and reducing atmosphere. The cables are made from different metals but with similar EMF output in the range of 0 to 100 degree Celsius. Widely used to connect the thermocouple metal junction and measuring instrument, these compensating cables are considered as the best solid conductor leads.


Unique make signal cables, Annealed Bare/Tinned copper conductor, PVC insulated and sheathed, shielded with AluminiuIn the cables, varied EMFs are generated with different metal pairs that are further proportional to hot junction and the point where it is measured. All these cables are available in different color codes or cores and sheathing as per the international standards.

Description:- Extension leads of different metals but having similar EMF output between 0°c to 100°c connected between Thermocouple metals junction and the measuring instruments are called compensating cables which are generally recommended as solid conductor leads.

Application:- Different metal pairs generate different EMFs which is proportionate to the hot junction and the point where it is measured. Common combination of thermocouple metals.

Available Range:-

  • K-Chromel/AIumel-Most commonly used.
  • T-Copper /Constantan- for low temperature & cryogenic applications.
  • J-Iron/ Constantan-Used in reducing atmosphere
  • E -Chromel/ Constantan-Highest EMF output.
  • R-(Platinum-13% Rhodium)/ Platinum & S-(Platinum-10% Rhodium) / Platinum-very High temperature measurements.
  • B- (Platinum-30% Rhodium)/ Platinum mainly used in glass industry.
  • Different color codes of cores and sheathing as per international practices are used to denote the various thermocouple cables.